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Car Hire Zurich - Airport, Switzerland

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      Mark is a dedicated globetrotter based in Zurich.  Favorite destinations include Switzerland, New Zealand and Antwerp.   You can read about Mark's travels on his blog Marks Travel or follow on Twitter or Facebook.

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      First time visiting Zurich? We want you to get the most from your car hire Zurich experience. For this reason, we have enrolled the help of a local travel expert to help get you on your way. Follow these useful travel tips and enjoy the finest that Zurich is offering."

      The twin towers ofGrossmunsterhave come to symboliseZurich.  As much as banking, reinsurance and high-finance, Grossmunster has played in integral role in the history of Zurich as the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland.  Founded by Charlemagne where, according to legend, the patron saints of Zurich (Felix and Regula) were buried the Romanesque spires of Grossmusnter tower can be climbed for fabulous views over Zurich city.

      The  Fraumunster Churchonce formed the Convent of Zurich – and formerly wielded both political power over Zurich, fostering a rivalry with Grossmunster which persists to this day,  and the ability to mint currency.  Today, with the Convent long since dissolved, the Fraumunster is home to stained glass windows installed by one Marc Chagall.

      The cobbled Niederdorf district is home to much of the Zurich night-life and plays host to many decent (and some touristy!) restaurants.  TheSwiss National Museum,close to the main train station, offers an interesting insight into Swiss history.

      Videos of Zurich

      Zurich, Switzerland: Old Town walking tourZurich, SwitzerlandReisereportage Zürich - kwtrip 21 Urlaubsvideo Dokumentation über die SchweizZurich - Swiss Cities

      Shop: Whether you're on the market for a Swiss watch or not, heading down the Bahnhofstrasse is an experience to be marvelled at.  Although one end is predominantly department stores, the lake end is dominated by brands such as Cartier, Gucci, LVMH and their ilk.  You know if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it?  With price tags north of 30,000 Swiss Francs published – have you got what it takes?  If not, spend some time finding the most expensive watch in Zurich.

      Drink:The Niederdorf and Langstrasse areas of Zurich provide the main drinking areas of Zurich.  My favourite bars of Zurich are concentrated in these areas.  Specifically, the Bar Andorra and the Corazon bars are amongst the finestbars that Zurichhas to offer.  Beers fromTurbinenbraeu, a local Zurich brewery, are available in many bars that line the Niederdorf and Langstrasse districts.  White wine is made in the Zurich region – especially near Stafa – and is often available at the supermarkets and restaurants.

      Eat:Switzerland in general isn't known for it's cuisine.  That said, that doesn't mean there's nothing to be had.  Au contraire – there are some fineplaces for dining in Zurich.

      If it's fondue you're after, you should know that it's not actually a Zurcher dish – but a Vaudoise one.  If you're still after fondue, avoid the kitsch tourist traps which litter the main drag in the Niederdorf and head forLe Dezaley– a bastion of Vaudois cuisine – close to the Grossmunster church.

      For real Zuricher cuisine head toZur Oepfelchammer– where Zurich poet Gottfried Keller once hung out.  Typical Zurcher fayre includes the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (slice veal in a cream sauce) and white wines from the Zurich region.

      Stay:Zurich hotel tend to be more expensive than hotels in the surrounding areas.  Two of the most prestigious options include TheBaur Au Lac,close to Lake Zurich, and theDolder Grand Hotel. The Baur Au Lac has played host to heads of state and various luminaries and is very well located for all the main sites and attractions that Zurich has to offer.  The Dolder, recently re-opened after an extensive refurbishment, boasts some of the best views over Zurich – perched as it is on top of a hill.  TheHotel Speer,inRapperswil,offers a more affordable place to stay in a historic old town and easy reach reach from Zurich.

      Photos of Zurich

      Car Hire Zurich. Short impression of ZurichCar Hire Zurich. Short impression of ZurichCar Hire Zurich. Short impression of ZurichCar Hire Zurich. Short impression of ZurichCar Hire Zurich. Grossmoonster -Zürich - SwitzerlandCar Hire Zurich. Sun-Kissed - Grossmünster - Zürich - Switzerland

      Walk:Take a walk along the promenade of Lake Zurich.  Especially during the summer months, musicians and entertainers ply their trade to keep you amused.  Near the Zurichhorn, is theChina Gardenwhich boasts pavilions and pagodas.  The garden was a gift from the Chinese city of Kunming following Swiss assistance in expanding the water supply there.

      Get Out:TheSwiss travel systemis one of the best in the world – and punctual to a fault.  Which makes it both easy to get around town and the country at large.  One of the bestday trips from Zurichis to the historic town ofRapperswil.  With a beautiful old town and castle Rapperswil is a short train ride or (during the summer months) a leisurely lake cruise to the other end of the lake.

      The Uetliberg is Zurich's “house mountain” and, a short train ride from the main station, affords excellent views of Zurich city, Lake Zurich and, especially of clear days, the Alps in the distance.

      Listen:Legendary rocker Tina Turner has been a resident of the Zurich region for many years.  Perhaps not best known for it's musical exports, the electronica groupYellois perhaps the most well known band from Switzerland – their hit song “The Race” perhaps somewhat ironic as motor racing has been banned in Switzerland for many decades.  Zurich has a lively indie music scene – pick up a copy of the free paper20 Minutenfor gig listings.

      Avoid:Zurich, in common with most Swiss cities, is generally a pretty safe place.  However, the usual precautions for pickpockets should be observed – especially around the main train station and, increasingly, on the water front.

      If you're using a bicycle, make sure that you don't get your wheels stuck in the many tram tracks.  Pedestrians and cyclists alike should take care to avoid stepping out in front of trams which have right away over all other road users.